Ravenswood Australia Services

At Ravenswood, our goal is to meet and exceed customer's expectations. We work closely with businesses to help them grow and deliver products that are cost effective, innovative and to the very highest quality standards.

  • Close to 40 years experience in our industry
  • In-house laboratory facilities
  • Highly qualified, experienced team
  • Supply partners focussed on quality and service

Ravenswood is well positioned to work with our customers for the next 40 years and beyond!



Ravenswood has a wide international network of approved suppliers, which enables us to procure an extensive range of products to fully maintain the high standards that our customers have come to expect from us.



ingredient analysis laboratory MelbourneLaboratories

Ravenswood runs dedicated laboratories for evaluation of both new and existing products. This enables us to work with our customers to develop and implement solutions that are designed around individual requirements.

Micro-testing is arranged with specialised external companies.



Ingredient warehouse MelbourneWarehousing

Ravenswood operates from two key sites.

Bayswater Over 3000 square metres of warehousing, 1000 square metres of blending, administration and laboratories.

Dandenong Dedicated to our industrial products. Purpose built to meet hazardous material requirements.



Industrial blending and mixing MelbourneBlending

Our blending facilities are fully compliant with FSSC22000 and ISO22000 quality standards.

Four blending facilities enable us to optimise the blending of a wide range of products whilst ensuring the quality, allergens and other specific requirements are catered for. Our blending facilities can cater for the blending of both liquids and powders.  Contract blending and packing is also available.



Melbourne deliveryDistribution

Ravenswood has a fleet of delivery vehicles for reliable and timely dispatch of goods. We also work closely in partnership with specialised delivery providers.

All goods are shipped from Melbourne with next day delivery to most areas.